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The Malingerer - About a week after a drunken sexual encounter with a girl whose name he can't remember, Jason Paddock woke up with painful ulcers all over his genitals. After a trip to the doctor, he found out he had genital herpes, a chronic condition with no cure. Instead of becoming one of the millions of herpes survivors who suffer in silence, the twenty-seven-year-old realtor decided to do something about it. "I wanted to get my story out there and let other victims know they aren't alone," he said. "I want to be an instrument of change."

Part of his journey included starting a GoFundMe account to help cover his medical expenses. "Two weeks into this, and I have already incurred $37 in medical costs," he said, citing his $30 copay and $7 acyclovir prescription. He hopes to raise $10,000 through his GoFundMe to cover future prescription costs and counseling that may arise if he suffers guilt after passing it to a new partner. He also plans to donate 5% of the funds to genital herpes research so that "future generations never have to wake up with painful sores all over their junk."

At publication time, his GoFundMe account had only raised $20, including $10 of seed money donated by Jason himself.