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The Malingerer Editorial Board

Sebastian Longfellow

Sebastian Longfellow, Senior Editor

Sebastian is a seasoned journalist, having served previous stints at Seventeen, Hit Parader, and Soap Opera Digest. Sebastian is also a passionate climate activist, and he recently completed an internship with John Kerry. "It was the experience of a lifetime," he says of working with the former secretary of state. "We flew around the world in his private jet lecturing people about their carbon footprint."

Chris Templeton

Chris Templeton, Senior Editor

Chris is a well-respected journalist whose work has received many accolades and commendations. Most recently, she was nominated for the Edward R. Murrow Award in investigative journalism for her work that uncovered donations from Taco Bell to marijuana legalization campaigns.

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, Editor

Kevin joined The Malingerer after a long tenure at High Times, where he served as head of the product review department. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys breeding emotional support dogs, investigating Big Foot sightings, and collecting "slip and fall" settlements.

Lisa Madrigal

Lisa Madrigal, Editor

Lisa has no writing or journalism experience. We hired her anyway.